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The story of the Irish Murphy’s Pub

The Irish Murphy's Pub, founded in 2015 in the heart of Old Quebec, pays tribute to the Irish heritage of the city.


In the 1800s, Irish immigrants who headed for the provinces of Quebec and Ontario (then called Lower Canada and Upper Canada) landed in Quebec City. At the time, the transatlantic tall ships could not go further inland than Quebec. From the 1820s, steamers began to transport passengers from Quebec to Montreal. Some Irish people have chosen to settle in one of these two cities. Most of the newcomers, who were mostly from rural areas, wanted to find work on a farm as soon as possible.



1815-1817: A large number of Irish emigrate to Canada. Many of them settled in Stoneham, Tewkesbury, Valcartier, Saint-Colomban, Saint-Édouard-de-Frampton and Sainte-Agathe (Lotbinière).

1822: A great famine in Ireland causes a wave of immigration to Canada.

1832: Quebec City is inhabited by 32 000 inhabitants, 8 000 of whom are Irish. Construction of St. Patrick's Church in Quebec.

1844: 17 000 Irish immigrants arrive in Canada. There are 40 000 Irish people in Quebec at that time. 

1846: All of the potato seeds are destroyed by Phytophthora. Fleeing famine, 40 000 Irish people immigrated to Canada.



This celtic cross, erected in 2000 on McMahon Street, at the end of Saint-Stanislas Street, commemorates the tragedy of the Irish who arrived en masse in Quebec in the 1840s. It was donated to Quebec City by an Irish patron, James Callery, in recognition of the Quebecers compassion for his compatriots.

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